Unleash your productivity with 4.Do - designed with a seamless combination of simplicity and powerful features.

Level up your tasks


Break up your tasks into smaller actionable task or use this section for lists.

Recurring tasks

Need to establish a recurring task or habit? Simply set it to repeat and choose the frequency that works best for you, and let the app effortlessly bring it to your attention at each designated interval.


Attachments lets you  seamlessly store visual aids related to your tasks for convenient recall at any time.

Sort & Filter


Maximize your task-tackling efficiency by either opting for 4.Do's automatic sorting options, or personally rearranging your tasks.


Easily categorize tasks with 4.Do's filtering option and view only those tasks tagged for quick organization, such as separating work and home tasks.


Effortlessly manage your tasks with the flexibility to view all at once or filter by due status for a focused approach.

Quickly add tasks


Experience seamless task management with 4.Do's persistent notification feature, allowing you to effortlessly add tasks no matter what you're doing on your device.

Settings tile

Elevate your task management game with 4.Do's convenient quick settings tile. Quickly add tasks on-the-go, just like with the permanent notification, for ultimate efficiency and productivity.


Change qudrant colors

Personalize your task management experience with 4.Do's customizable quadrant color options, offering limitless possibilities to match your style.

Rename quadrants

Customize quadrant names for tailored task categorization with 4.Do.

Change app icons

Personalize your 4.Do experience with a selection of stylish app icons, perfectly integrated with the latest Android 13+ themed design for a harmonious home screen appearance.

Changing priorities


Streamline task prioritization with 4.Do's Auto-Advance feature, effortlessly adjusting tasks based on their due dates for maximum efficiency.

Manually move

Or you can freely move your tasks across quadrants as their priority changes.

Take back control of your time today