Frequently asked questions


The app's text is too big / too small.

You can adjust the apps text size to your liking by clicking on the menu at the top left  of the screen, clicking on "Look And Feel" and then using the text size slider to adjust the text size.


I can no longer add or edit filters after updating.

Filters has now become a feature exclusive for premium users . To become a premium user to enable this feature and other premium features, click on the menu button at the top left of the screen, and then click on the "Get Premium" button located under the user avatar.


Is 4.Do available for the Iphone and Ipad?

4.Do is not yet available for Iphones and Ipads, but work is already underway to bring it to IOS and mac. 


Is there a web version of 4.Do? 

4.Do is limited to the android platform right now. Next step is would be to bring it to IOS and Mac and hopefully eventually the web. However, there is no timeline established for a web version as of yet.

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