Biggest update yet

• Added instant sync across devices
• Updated to google’s Material 3 design
• Added option to use Material you theming for eligible devices
• Added the ability to drag and drop tasks between quadrants
• Added the ability to manually sort tasksAdding auto-advance (moves tasks across quadrants based on their due date)
• Added the ability to change quadrants while a task is being added or updated
• Adding more customization options to widgets
• Added the ability to change widget colors and customization after it has been added
• Added the option to add a tile to the drop down settings which you can use to add tasks from anywhere in addition to the already existing quick add from notification.
• Added the option to show time in either the 12hr or 24hr format
• Added the option to show due dates using actual date or relative date.
• Added an in-app language picker (change app language regardless of system language)
• Added compatibility for android’s new per-app language picker through system settings (Android 13+)
• Added the ability to choose a due date without having  to choose due time per popular request
• Added the ability to add attachment (limited to pictures for now, will expand to other file types in the future)Improving how recurring tasks are handled.
• Added choices of launcher icons
• Added landscape views and tablet view where applicable

March 18, 2023